About the Programme:

A Collaboration with Sister Institutions, Commercial WLAN Hotspot providers (CSL and Y5ZONE) and Eduroam

1. Introduction
2. What is Eduroam?
3. Terms and Conditions
4. Security Considerations

1. Introduction

CUHK Wi-Fi Hotspot Partnership Programme is a collaboration programme between CUHK and the following units to provide free Wi-Fi services to all CUHK staff and students,

  • sister institutions in Hong Kong
  • two commercial WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) providers (CSL and Y5ZONE operated by csl Wi-Fi and Y5ZONE Limitied respectively) and
  • Eduroam.

The coverage includes eight sister institutions (CUHK, CityU, HKBU, HKIEd, HKU, HKUST, PolyU and LU), hotspots in Hong Kong (e.g. 24-hour convenient stores and shopping malls) and even other education institutions over the world, e.g. UK, Japan and Canda. Once you have signed up for this programme, you can enjoy the free Internet Wi-Fi services at all the hotspots provided by sister institutions, CSL, Y5ZONE and Eduroam. It is especially convenient to access the internet when you are joining an exchange programme overseas.

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2. What is Eduroam?

The Chinese University of Hong Kong joined the Eduroam in June 2008. Eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) allows students and staff from a member institution to enjoy free Wi-Fi service in other local and overseas education institutions that are eduroam members.

Students and staff can use their own laptop computers and the same credentials (username and password) for their home institutions. For example, when a CUHK student is visiting an eduroam-member institution in UK, he can access the internet using his own laptop, with his University's Computing ID as username and the password created for CUHK Wi-Fi Hotspot Partnership Programme.

Is it safe to use?

Eduroam wireless network uses 802.1X technology to guarantee a higher level of security. The PEAP authentication system further ensures that your username and password details are safely transmitted. You may also employ the Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology when connected to eduroam.

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3. Terms and Conditions

During the collaboration period, CUHK members could have free Wi-Fi access to CSL's and Y5ZONE's public hotspots, and the use of such hotspots are governed by the terms and conditions as follows:

  1. CUHK's Wi-Fi Hotspot Terms and Conditions
  2. CSL's Wi-Fi Hotspot Terms and Conditions
  3. Y5ZONE's Wi-Fi Hotspot Terms and Conditions

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Security Considerations

  • Sign up for a new account to protect your OnePass password

To prevent the risk of university OnePass accounts being compromised during login, a separate authentication scheme (e.g. separate set of password) for university members to access Wi-Fi at the concerned commercial hotspot areas has been developed. University members must sign up for a new Wi-Fi account in order to protect the leaking of your OnePass passwords through a non-CUHK connection.

  • Take extra caution when using Wi-Fi service

University members should read the Best Practices For Accessing Public Wi-Fi Service and also take extra cautions when using the Wi-Fi service. For example, you should avoid accessing sites that ask for your sensitive / personal information (such as online banking) when using public Wi-Fi service. Since these hotspots are beyond the University network, anyone with proper equipment could spy on traffic, obtain passwords and personal information easily.

When required, run a CUHKNet VPN connection to enjoy data encryption and thus higher level of security.

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